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Our trainings explore and enhance the fascinating connections between body, cognitive and personal skills, attitude, motivation, success and happiness.  They look at the individual, team or group as a dynamic whole in which each part contributes to the overall outcome.


Niki Honoré and Kay McCarroll are fully qualified by the relevant professional bodies to deliver the courses.

Customised Trainings

Tell us what you need for your setting and we’ll organise it.  We offer in-service trainings across the range of our trainings and topics. 

People who attend our trainings

Occupational Therapists, Art Therapists, Counsellors, Human Resource Managers, Chiropractors, Teachers, Performing Artists, Artists, Physiotherapists, Sports Coaches, Healthworkers, Physical and Emotional Therapists, Parents, Behavioural Coaches, Tutors and people from all walks of life with dreams and ambitions to improve their performance, learning abilities, skills, motivation and life enjoyment.

3D Seminars

About us

Next courses 2011:

Brain Gym® 101:

5-8 August

London NW4

Brain Gym® 101:

10/11 September & 1/2 October

London NW4

Optimal Brain Organisation:

16-18 September

London NW4

Brain Gym® 101:

29/30 October &

19/20 November London NW4