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2015 course dates

Introduction to Brain Gym
Aug 29

Oct 1

Brain Gym 101
July 25/26 & 28/29

Nov 5/6 & 8/9

Nov 28/29 & Dec 1/2

Optimal Brain Organisation
Aug 21-24 (half day)

Brain Gym Movement Facilitator
24-26 Oct

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Contact us for Bring a Friend discount. Day 1 of the Brain Gym 101 courses can also be taken as an Introduction to Brain Gym

Short seminars

Introduction to Brain Gym

Introduction to Brain Organisation Profiles

Double Doodle Play

Edu-K Professional Training Modules

Brain Gym 101 Foundation Course

Optimal Brain Organisation

Edu-K In Depth:

7 Dimensions Course

Brain Gym Movement Facilitator

Professional Level 1

Educational Kinesiology Consultant

Professional Level 2

Brain Gym 101 Instructor

Professional Level 3


Day 1: Introduction to OBO - open to all

Full course: Pre-requisite Brain Gym 101

3 days, 21 class hours

Deepen your understanding of the effect of Brain Gym activities and techniques on brain and sensory dominance profiles.

Next date 2015: April 17-19

Time: Day 1: 11.30 am-5.30 pm

Days 2 & 3: 9.30 am-5.30 pm.

Cost: £295 Early Bird


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Would you like to experience the essentials of the Brain Gym programme?

This one day seminar offers you the opportunity to experience the activities, concepts and techniques that underlie the programme. You will come away with activities and tools to try out at work and at home. It is an excellent taster to deciding if you wish to undertake further training as well as providing a core set of effective tools to use right away. A 5% discount is offered for booking on the Brain Gym 101 foundation course.

Next date 2015: May 2

Time: 10 am-4 pm 

Cost: £125


Open to all

Day 1 - “Introduction to Brain Gym” can be booked separately

4 days, 32 class hours

The complete Brain Gym® part of the Educational Kinesiology programme.  The course can be taken as a standalone and is also the gateway to qualification as a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator and other levels of Professional qualification in Edu-K and Brain Gym.

Next date 2015: March 21/22 & April 11/12

Time: 9.30 am-5.30 pm 

Cost: 4 day course - £495 Early Bird


All the training offered by 3D Seminars is from the internationally authorised curriculum of the original Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) programme, including Brain Gym®.  Edu-K is a self-development technique which incorporates a goal achievement process and targeted physical activities.  It aims to help those who use it to integrate their body, attitudes and thinking to improve the quality of everyday life in all its aspects.  It is suitable for 4 years upwards and can be adapted for every level of physical, learning and behavioural ability, from those with challenges to the highly skilled.

Pay for training by debit/credit card, internet transfer, PayPal, cheque and euros


Open to all

Next date 2015: April 25

Time: 9.30 am-5.30 pm  Cost: £125 Early Bird


1 day, 8 class hours

Drawing with both hands simultaneously to improve hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, creativity and self-expression.